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AdvancedJET AJ-740i

Signs, POS and Graphics

Roland has been leading the way in the sign industry for more than 25 years. Whether you need a cut vinyl sign, printed and contour-cut decal or window sign, or full-colour POS Displays, Roland has the reliable, trouble-free equipment to shift your business into high gear.

Roland’s market leading sign solutions are designed to be easy to use, highly reliable and very economic-fitting perfectly into businesses that need to deliver quality every time. Our flexible VersaCAMM print and cut technologies don’t compromise on durability, accuracy or speed. The Roland CAMM range of dedicated high-precision, high-speed film cutting systems have set the industry benchmarks for reliability and ease of use. And, our SOLJET Pro III series printers deliver photographic quality, guaranteed durability and wide materials compatibility to the most demanding users.

For high volume production printing our Roland AdvancedJet printers have a maximum print speed of 90m²/hr (104" AJ-1000i) and 81m²/hr. (74" AJ-740i). The AdvancedJet AJ-i series has redefined the standards for high-volume production printing and is ideal for applications such as trade show graphics, banners, billboards, outdoor signage and other durable graphics - producing brilliant six-colour CMYK+LcLm graphics on both coated and uncoated media.

Print & CutPrinted & Contour Cut Signs and Vinyl

Roland VersaCAMM, VersaUV and SolJet printer/cutters feature Roland’s renowned print/cut technology that facilitates a one-step seamless production cycle for both the high-resolution printing and contour cutting required to produce sophisticated sign graphics, as well as labels, decals, vehicle graphics and more.

Roland offers a complete line of professional GX series cutters for vinyl signs, vehicle graphics, window tinting, labels, stencils and pinstriping applications. Roland’s optical registration system makes it fast and easy to contour cut full colour pre-printed graphics for print/cut applications as well. Contour cut a variety of materials including paint mask, window film, twill, heat transfers and sandblast. Choose from our high-performance GX PRO series and the more compact GX-24 desktop model. For signmaking on the go, check out our popular STIKA portable vinyl cutters.

Metallic Effects

Winner of the DPI 2009 Product of the Year award in the Ink Category, Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink makes it easier and more affordable than ever for you to print true metallic colors for dramatic effect and high profit margins. Featured in SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT and VersaCAMM VS-640 printer/cutters, Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX can be printed as a spot colour for vibrant silver text and graphics or combined with CMYK to create an entire spectrum of metallic hues including gold, bronze and a host of pearlescent colours. This breakthrough silver ink technology delivers high density and enables you to produce premium labels, decals and packaging prototypes that command premium prices.

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  • AdvancedJET AJ-740i

    With a maximum print speed of 81sq m/hr. the 74” AJ-740i AdvancedJET AJi series large format printer has redefined the standards for high-volume production printing. Now including the innovative Roland Intelligent Pass Control (RIPC), the AJi series is ideal for high-volume applications including banners, billboards, outdoor signage and other durable graphics, producing brilliant six-colour CMYK+LcLm graphics on both coated and uncoated media.

    AJi graphics reflect superior ink bonding, and scratch and alcohol resistance for outstanding outdoor durability. An automated maintenance system ensures reliable performance and eliminates the need for daily manual cleanings. The AJi also features an optional Mesh Printing Unit supporting lightweight, unlined mesh media.

    Feature Summary

    • Print speeds of up to 90 sq m/hr.
    • Roland Intelligent Pass Control™ for unmatched print quality and faster throughput
    • EcoXtreme ink available in two formulations - EcoXtreme i or EcoXtreme LT
    • Precision graphics of up to 720x720 dpi resolution
    • Optional Mesh Printing Unit supports lightweight, unlined mesh
    • Heavy-duty media feed and take-up system supports 99kg. rolls
    • High-capacity ink delivery system features 1 liter cartridges
    • Integrated tri-heater and blower print-drying system
    • Automated maintenance system ensures reliable performance and easy operation
    • High-Speed Performance

      Roland’s AdvancedJET AJ-i series was built for speed – up to 81 sq m/h for the 74” AJ-740i in high-speed print modes. With precision print modes of 484 sqft./hr. for the AJ-740i and 473 sqft./hr. for the AJ-740i, the AJ-i creates beautiful, durable banners, billboards and vehicle graphics in no time.

      Print Mode Resolutions AJ-740i
      Billboard 360 X 180 81 sq m/h (872 sfph)
      High-Speed 360 X 180 44 sq m/h (474 sfph)
      Standard 360 X 360 28 sq m/h (301 sfph)
      High Quality 360 X 720 13 sq m/h (140 sfph)
      High Quality Vinyl 720 X 720 5 sq m/h (54 sfph)
    • Roland Intelligent Pass Control

      RIPCAdvancedJET AJ-i inkjets take advantage of Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology, our patent-pending technology that virtually eliminates banding by optimizing masking patterns and dot placement at the edge of each pass. With Roland Intelligent Pass Control, consecutive passes are overlapped and feathered so they literally become one continuous image. As a result, finished prints reflect unmatched image quality overall with smoother gradations and dense, flawless solid colours in every print mode.

      Roland Intelligent Pass Control also increases productivity by delivering the same print quality at higher speeds. AdvancedJET AJ-i series prints up to 25 percent faster than previous models on banner in Standard print mode.*

    • Great Print Quality

      The AJ-i delivers a maximum print resolution of 720x720 dpi for precision six-colour CMYK+LcLm graphics with superior ink bonding, scratch resistance and alcohol resistance. For optimum performance across a wide range of media, the AJ-i features three print head heights that can be easily adjusted. The AJ-i’s high-density inks image well even on flexible face media, and two new light ink control profiles ensure top quality on both glossy and matte vinyl. The AJ-i also features a new high-contrast print mode that produces deeper, more vivid blues and reds while preserving the overall colour balance.

    • EcoXtreme Ink

      EcoXtreme InkRoland EcoXtreme ink was developed exclusively for the AdvancedJET series to provide outstanding colour density, wider gamut and rugged durability. Available in six colours (CMYK+LcLm), EcoXtreme ink produces vibrant images even in high-speed production modes on both coated and uncoated media.

      EcoXtreme is particularly well suited for vehicle graphics and volume banner production, offering exceptional bonding with uncoated banner substrates and tarpaulin, as well as enhanced scratch and alcohol resistance for extended outdoor durability.

      Choose from two formulations – New EcoXtreme i for high durability of up to three years outdoors with low odor, and EcoXtreme LT for more cost effective, short-term applications such as event signage, campaign posters and short-term corporate ads.

    • Optional Mesh Printing Unit

      Mesh Printing Unit The AJi’s versatility can be further enhanced with the optional MU Mesh Printing Unit for economical unlined mesh media. Custom engineered for the AJi, the MU is easy to attach and detach and features a built-in drainage system for easy removal of excess ink.

      Popular for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, mesh is particularly well suited for graphics that may be exposed to excessive wind or any graphic calling for a unique sheer look. Unlined mesh offers many advantages over lined mesh including a lower cost per square foot. In addition, unlined mesh is easier to print, handle and transport, and it does not generate liner waste.

    • High-Capacity Ink Delivery System

      Ink System The AJi comes equipped with high-capacity 1 liter ink cartridges for seamless unattended printing. An advanced ink delivery system allows replacement of cartridges without pausing.

    • Advanced Tri-Heater and Blower System

      The AJi features an integrated tri-heater system and blower that make both high-speed printing and take-up possible. The heating system consists of three elements. A pre-heater opens pores in the media to improve its receptiveness. The print heater accelerates ink fastness and brightness by ensuring the ink is absorbed. Finally, the dryer and blower accelerate ink drying for better productivity, workability and scratch resistance.

    • Low Maintenance and Ownership Costs

      The price and installation costs of many comparable printers can total several hundred thousand dollars. By comparison, an AJi printer can be purchased and installed for a fraction of this cost. Operational costs for the AJi are lower as well due to an innovative automated intelligent maintenance system that saves ink and reduces down time. This advanced system performs routine maintenance tasks automatically, eliminating the need for time-consuming daily manual cleanings. The AJi’s intelligent maintenance system even adjusts the maintenance schedule automatically depending on the room temperature. As a result, manual cleaning around the print head and capping station is required only every two weeks.

    • Automated Media Feed and Take Up System

      Automated Media Feed and Take Up SystemThe AJi includes an automated media feed and take-up system to facilitate precision unattended printing. This pre-assembled unit includes convenient front-mounted feed and take-up rollers and an advanced tension-controlled take-up system for optimum media feed and tracking. A powerful drying system quickly dries ink and media for high-speed applications. The system handles rolls weighing up to 99kg.

    • Print Head Protection Plates

      AdvancedJET AJ-i printers are enhanced with the addition of print head protection plates.

    • VersaWorks RIP Software

      Roland VersaWorks RIP SoftwareVersaWorks is powerful RIP software developed by Roland engineers for the company’s inkjet technology. VersaWorks features an efficient graphical user interface that allows users to maximize their Roland inkjet without a lengthy learning curve. VersaWorks is packed with features including Roland Color, Roland’s exclusive spot colour fidelity system, Variable Data Printing, and a wide variety of convenient layout, edit and print functions such as nesting, tiling and auto/manual-layout.

      This true Adobe PostScript 3 RIP is designed by Roland to ensure exceptional production output with unmatched ease of use and uses the latest Adobe CPSI 3018 engine. VersaWorks uses Roland Intelligent Pass Control to optimize the output quality on the AJ-740i and estimates the ink usage and print time for each graphic produced. The Roland Color System accurately reproduces spot colours from Roland Color charts and swatch books.

      Automatic updates through the Internet, ensure that VersaWorks is always up to date with the latest version. VersaWorks is compatible with Windows 7 and 2000/XP operating systems.

    • Standard Roland Features

      Network Connection - Equipped with Roland’s own 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T interface, the AJ-740i connects seamlessly to office networks without additional software, achieving an increased data transmission rate of 100 Mb/sec. This makes it easy to configure a highly efficient printing environment.

      Reliability You Can Count On - The AJ-740i is designed to be a bulletproof production machine. With regular maintenance, it will provide years of trouble-free service. But, unlike most inkjets that require daily maintenance, the AJ-740i requires significantly less servicing.

      Quality Assurance - Roland’s international ISO certification is your quality assurance. We build reliable, high-performance products and back them up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories..

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    MODEL AJ-740i AJ-1000i
    Printing method Piezo inkjet
    Printing width 73-5/8" (1870 mm) 102-1/3" (2600 mm)
    Acceptable media width 48" to 75-1/4" wide
    (1220 to 1910 mm)
    48" to 104" wide
    (1220 to 2641 mm)
    Conditions for usable media Maximum Roll diameter 9.8inch Core inner diameter maximum 3inch. Media weight under 100 kg (220lbs) and maximum thickness 1.0mm
    Ink Cartridges Type Exclusive Roland EcoXtreme i or EcoXtreme LT
    Capacity 6 Cartridges of 1000ml each
    Colours 6 Colours (CMYKLcLm)
    Printing resolution Max 720 dpi
    Setting range for the heater temperature Pre heater 95 to 122F (35 to 50 C)
    Print heater 95 to 122F (35 to 50 C)
    Dryer 95 to 140F (35 to 60 C)
    Distance Accuracy
    (Distance accuracy is not assured when using the heater)
    Error of less than +/- 0.3% of distance traveled, or 0.3 mm, whichever is greater (Roland PET film, print traveled 1m, temperature 20C(68F), humidity 50%)
    Interface Ethernet (10Base-T /100Base-TX, automatic switching)
    Power-saving feature Auto sleep
    Electrical source Printer unit : AC 200~240V +/- 10% 50 / 60Hz 10A
    Dryer : AC 200~240V +/- 10% 50 / 60 Hz 10A
    Power Consumption Printing mode Printer: Approx 1190 W
    Dryer: Approx 1620
    Printer: Approx 1600 W
    Dryer: Approx. 2300 W
    Standby mode Approx. 60 W
    Acoustic noise level Printing mode 70dB(A) or less (According to ISO 7779)
    Standby mode 40dB(A) or less (According to ISO 7779)
    (with stands)
    143" (3632 mm) [W]
    43-7/8" (1115 mm) [D]
    53-1/2" (1359 mm) [H]
    169-1/3" (4299 mm) [W]
    43-7/8" (1115 mm) [D]
    55-5/8" (1413 mm) [H]
    Weight (with stands) 1050 lb (478 kg) 1319 lb (598 kg)
    Recommended environment Power on Temperature 68 to 89.6F (20 to 32 C), Humidity 35 to 80 % (non-condensing)
    Power off Temperature 41 to 104F (5 to 40 C), Humidity 20 to 80% (non-condensing)
    Accessories Included Power cord, roll shafts, end caps, spacers, media reinforcement pipe, paper pipe, drain bottle, media gauge, media clamps, hexagonal wrenches, Head-unit tool, cleaning kit, syringe, tube, maintenance liquid cartridge, software RIP, Roland-PrintServer CD-ROM, User’s Manual, Setup Guide, Roland-PrintServer Network Settings Guide
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